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Technical task

Terms of reference for the development of the site - a detailed description of the technical requirements for the development of your product (site). As a rule, the terms of reference is in different forms - strict and ordinary. The strict form implies a clear distinction of technical features, and the usual is simpler, since You can briefly describe the technical requirements. It is from a properly compiled technical specifications for the development of the site and coordination of actions You will get the expected result. In the preparation of specification for development of the site and send it to us - we recommend you to use the following form:

Terms of reference for website development

1. Design

1. Describe the main design elements:

  • cap Features
  • menu Location
  • Total number of website blocks (1, 2, or 3)
  • Footer and its mandatory elements
  • Individual design elements requiring attention (if any)
  • Attach examples of sites you like to navigate to

2. Do You have a corporate style?

  • the
  • in the presence of corporate identity is necessary to attach information about it
  • in The absence of corporate identity it is recommended to describe in what colors / tones / style You prefer the design of the site.

3. Do You have a logo? If Yes, it is necessary to attach it.
4. Do you need additional services in the field of design? If so, what? (Development of individual elements, icons, logos)

2. Functionality

1. Describe the main required sections and functions of the site
2. Describe the required forms and their fields, which fields are required (if required)
3. Is the development of individual functions of the site to order? (designers (business cards, covers and other Souvenirs), calculators, calendars, etc.)
4. Whether integrating scripts?
5. Do you need to work with API, site synchronization with API?

describe in Detail how these or other functions should work.

3. Site placement and domain

1. Do You have a hosting or do you need to provide it?
2. Do You have a domain or do you need to register it?
3. Do You have corporate mail or do you need to do it?

4. Additional services

Describe the additional services that you want to carry out in the development of the site, for example:

1. SEO-site preparation (complex site optimization for passing PageSpeed Insights - compression of files / styles / scripts, caching settings, etc.)
2. Do you need an SSL certificate (secure https Protocol required by search engines)?
3. Whether registration of social is required. networks (and their registration) in the style of the site?
4. If there is an individual task - describe it.

Send the terms of reference

You provide us with a service for gluing the car with vinyl (tuning/branding), and we, in turn, create You a site considering the value of this service on pre-approved terms with You.
2. You provide us with the goods in exchange for the service of website development, design service (web or printing) or service in the field of advertising.

All offers of cooperation please send via the form feedback.

На сайте размещена информация о нашей деятельности, наших проектах, а также проектах разработанных на заказ. Данная информация защищена авторским правом. Копирование или цитирование информации с сайта разрешено только с указанием активной гиперссылки на страницу-источник информации.