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We are committed to an open cooperation policy and are willing to consider different ways of interacting with Your project / organization. Please send your offer of cooperation via the form feedback indicating the relevant topic. In the message, provide the following information:

1. What is the cooperation
2. What is the benefit of Your and our parties
3. Individual conditions

Recall that cooperation implies a return benefit, so be sure to describe all the main points of your offer. Also, please do not confuse the offer of cooperation with the commercial offer.

is barter possible?

In exceptional cases, we support the interests of other projects / organizations and are ready to consider barter as full or partial payment for our services in the field of design, web development and advertising. As a rule, barter can be used in the mutual exchange of "services", recalculation is carried out taking into account their value.

Example of barter

1. You provide us with a service for gluing the car with vinyl (tuning/branding), and we, in turn, create a website for You taking into account the value of this service on pre-approved terms with You.
2. You provide us with the goods in exchange for the service of website development, design service (web or printing) or service in the field of advertising.

All offers of cooperation please send via the form feedback.

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