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Guide-Group. — this is a group of companies accompanying business and style. That is why the main activities of the company — advertising, printing, wholesale and retail trade. We are engaged in interesting projects for us developing and gaining valuable experience. Design and development has always been the main activity as a hobby. The online store of spare parts and accessories for sports cars (narrow subject) appeared as a result of hobby for cars Mitsubishi Lancer X, Lancer X Ralliart and Lancer Evolution X and communication with thematic autoclub. The monitoring project of popular online games is made at the time of passion for these games and is supported, as well as developing to this day. The rest of the projects are made simply as a result of activities and third-party Hobbies.

На сайте размещена информация о нашей деятельности, наших проектах, а также проектах разработанных на заказ. Данная информация защищена авторским правом. Копирование или цитирование информации с сайта разрешено только с указанием активной гиперссылки на страницу-источник информации.